Microsoft Learn Chinese

Have fun learning the most widely spoken language in the world! Designed for self-paced Chinese learners, this app focuses on the most exciting part of the language: speaking it. By exploring a wide variety of everyday scenarios, you become exposed to essential vocabulary and grammar structures, helping you to speak Mandarin the way natives do. Best of all, it's entirely free! OUR METHOD Learn, practice, and implement your learning FEATURE - Advance grading system to perfect your pronunciation and practice conversation with our chatbots - Professional Course Material: Designed by experienced teachers, and aligned with the HSK difficulty classification. - MASTERY feature – we identify the items you are having the most trouble learning and work with them until they achieve mastery - Personalize Learning Program – it tailored to your unique needs and match you to conversations at your level - Implement Your Learning – role play interface and abundant scenarios for practice - Gamification features make the study and practice more fun GET IN TOUCH: Any ideas, feedback or comments? Please don’t hesitate to connect with us! Email us at [email protected] PLEASE NOTE In order to get access, you have to agree to our privacy policy and term of use. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: