Access all the latest content from Shiloh Global. Get connected, receive inspiration and encouragement any-time, any-where. Wesley and Stacey Campbell, founders of Shiloh Global carries a conviction to give away what God has entrusted to them. Their inspiration and values are built upon the Christian belief of the one true God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Based on the testament of the Bible they believe that all human life has value, and that the two highest moral imperatives are 1) to love God; and 2) to love your neighbour as yourself, as taught by Jesus in His famous illustration of the ""good Samaritan"". (Luke 10:25-37). Stacey Campbell is a prophetic voice to this generation and has a passion to teach believers to know how to hear the voice of God through proper teaching and strong values. She is the founder of the Canadian Prophetic Council, and has helped launch prophetic roundtables in several nations. She serves as an honorary member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, presided over by Dr. Cindy Jacobs.  She and her husband, Wesley, are founders a mercy organization for children at risk called “Be A Hero.” Stacey is a board member of Iris Global and together her and Wesley serve on the Apostolic Team of HIM (Harvest International Ministries).    Wesley is the founder of Be A Hero International and a board member of Tell Asia Ministries.  He has taught throughout the nations on “Praying the Bible.” Wesley is a very gifted teacher. His passion for revival will inspire you and his teachings on Praying the Bible will change your life and the lives of those around you. He founded and pastored a church in Canada for 30 years.  While leading this apostolic center, Wesley, along with his wife, Stacey, traveled to between 50 – 100 cities a year, ministering in over 2000 churches and conferences, spanning 70 countries.  As popular conference speakers, they labor to see revival and social justice transform the world. Shiloh Global app makes it easy to: *Watch all latest videos from Shiloh Global, Stacey and Wesley Campbell on the go. *Discover how to get involved and get up-to-date with all that is happening at Shiloh Global. *Give anytime and from anywhere through the custom In-app Giving. *Stream all services and events from Shiloh Global live on the app and never miss a chance to get encouraged even on the move. *Shiloh Global app lets you keep track of all upcoming livestreams and add new events to your calendar.

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