With the growth of modern technology, there have been a lot of changes towards food delivery services over recent years. Most famous restaurants have introduced toll-free numbers so that customers can call on these numbers without being charged for the phone call. In addition, the concept of free food delivery to one’s homes was well-appreciated by customers. This way, not only could people call restaurants for free but they can also get a hold of the food they ordered without any cost of transaction. This indicates that food delivery services play an important role in the modern food and restaurant industry, and due to the high level of competition with its competitors, this has proven to be a major factor that affects the demand of consumers. Today, we are introduced to the concept of ordering food online and getting our food from modern delivery services. One can easily order food online through food delivery. Sometimes, restaurants would partner with online food ordering apps to place their restaurants in their application but the radius of reach is just 3-4 kms. In this case, restaurants can just focus on preparing the order placed by the customer