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Concentric Overwatch, Imagine yourself on a business trip, far from home, unsure of the local context. What if you could know, in a glance, where to go – and where not to go? And what if you had a way to stay connected with your fellow teammates? Concentric Overwatch helps mobile users work and travel with greater confidence and security. The Concentric Overwatch application informs mobile users of nearby events related to safety and security. Users can receive alerts of breaking incidents – which can be a helpful warning if near a riot, protest, storm, or high-crime area. Users can also see the locations of their teammates, while maintaining privacy. This is useful in a crisis – and for general coordination. In an emergency, a user can activate the panic button, which sends an SMS to the user’s emergency contacts and alerts the user’s teammates. When the phone is connected to the network and the app has been activated, emergency contacts can see your location, and get help faster. Simple communication tools enable teams to easily share information. The mobile application works seamlessly with a web application – which is perfect for security managers, intel teams, corporate protection teams, and travel managers. If you're a security or travel manager, contact us to set up a group account. Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery.

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