8 Bit Kid - Jumping World


8 Bit Kid - Jumping World [Appstop40.com]

8 Bit Kid - Jumping World

Appstop40.com, 8 Bit Kid is an old school 8bit platformer game with many surprises on the way! Long story short: Your brother is kidnapped so go and rescue him! No big deal! Game Features -8 bit old school gaming -Total of 50 challenging levels -Fun and surprising puzzles to solve -Relaxing platform game music to play to -Super 8 bit stye pixel art -Easy to learn but difficult to master - Game Controls Left and Right Arrow. Buttons to move around. Up Arrow Button is for Jumping up Knife Button is for throwing knives

8 Bit Kid - Jumping World Appstop40.com
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Volkan Kutlubay

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