FloresID - Flowers Identifier


FloresID - Flowers Identifier [Appstop40.com]

FloresID - Flowers Identifier

Appstop40.com, Humans Love flowers for such a variety of reasons, but there’s the simple fact that they make us happy. It seems pretty obvious that the colours can make you feel happier. As Henry Ward Beecher once said: "Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into". FloresID app help you to plunge into the magical world of flowers. Ready to know all the flowers around you? You could identify a wide variety of flowers species. With Full Version of FloresID you can use app to: - IDENTIFY FLOWERS Take photos or upload pics from your device for identify. Get description of flowers, care tips. interesting facts. - ADD FLOWERS TO YOUR GARDEN Create your own collection of flowers by saving them into your garden. Share new flowers with your friends. - ADD LOCATION TO FLOWERS Save flowers on the map from around the world - FAST SUPPORT Have any problems with identify or questions about care about flowers? Our specialists will always help you.

FloresID - Flowers Identifier Appstop40.com
FloresID - Flowers Identifier


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